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It may be the oldest profession. People have been cultivating grain, rendering liquid from it, seasoning it, cooking and allowing it to ferment since civilization began. Ours is a skill of the ancients. In actuality, little has changed. The fundamental process and ingredients have merely been augmented. To make beer you need water, grain, herbs, yeast and something to cook and store it in. Above all, to be successful you need passion. It all starts in the fields where the crafting begins. Farmers have always been the nucleus of any community. Their passion was vital. That commitment is alive and well today. It's an incredible moment to be a craft brewer. Never before has our beverage had so many ardent followers. The number of crafty beer enthusiasts increases daily along with their desire to experience new flavor thresholds that their local small brewer is more than happy to create. As an added bonus, area farmers are beginning to provide craft brewers with barley, wheat and hops grown with integrity and sustainability. Start-up malting artisans are beginning to supply brewers with grain as was done in our distant past. Local eateries are embracing the brewer from the neighborhood, offering fresh, well-made beer that pairs exquisitely with their own artisan culinary masterpieces. A renaissance is reborn in brewing and dinning where Grand Rapids proudly occupies the throne of Beer City USA, an achievement only made possible by a fan base that requires our brewers and chefs to produce their art. We are honored to provide this to them.

Brewmaster John
B.O.B.'s Brewery
B.O.B.'s Brewery


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