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Dream Of Wheat

One of the questions I am frequently asked is, "What's your favorite beer to brew?" It's a Logical question. It lends itself to the concept brewers are effectively cooks I suppose. Brewing beer is a considerably longer process than cooking a dish. And the steps by and large are nearly identical from batch to batch. Treat the water, mill the grain, dough in, sparge, runoff, boil, hops, whirlpool rest, knock out, add yeast and clean up. 10 hours and you're done. Yes, it is fairly routine. Sure you use different grains, hops and yeast but the steps are the same - you just add a few more of this, a little less of that. That's the game. But unlike my siblings in kitchen, you must wait for the outcome. With beer, you really do have to wait...

Sometimes it’s a very long time. Robert the Barrel, KBS and Wizard's Burial Ground all come to mind. The process can be both routine and fun. Outcomes, on the other had, are not. I am making a batch of beer today and am pumped anticipating the outcome. Why? It's time to make the spring and summer wheat beers! I'm a little behind. Go figure. Oberon is already out. Say what you want about it, but that cloudy Belgian beer from Kalamazoo put Michigan beer on the map. Thank you Larry and John M.

Thanks to Wendall Banks, I will be using fresh Michigan wheat. Pilot Malting (Byron Center) will also be selling Michigan malted wheat soon and I'm sure their future is promising. But summer beer season is even cooler than the malt. It's the beer itself! I love making wheat beer. The foundation of wheat beers can be so diverse and the outcomes very special. How much wheat to use? What yeast? What temperature to ferment? Hops? Sure you can do this with any beer, but I can honestly say that the effect with wheat beers is the most dramatic!

Wheat lends itself very well to adaptive brewing. German Style? American? Belgian? Big Hops? Low Hops? Citrus Peel? All of these things make a big difference and I love all of the styles. What I like best with the Weizens is the low alcohol content. Of all the beer styles, no other style offers so many flavors with so little alcohol. And that my crafties, is a very good thing! You can have a short one any time! Seriously, try one with an omelet this weekend. For you brunch lovers, loose the mimosa and grab a White Hatter. Take a little extra time mowing that lawn because you have a growler of Hopsun on your lap!

Summer is right around the corner and the time is right for wheat beers. And, yes, I'm excited. This is my favorite beer to make for all the right reasons. We're going to offer five wheat beers this summer at B.O.B.'s Brewery and I hope you have an opportunity to try each of them. Each one of them will be unique and significantly different for the others. Keep an eye on the Facebook page. I'll be starting with the release of Hopsun very soon.
Brewery John

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